Mid-Atlantic Sports Academy

Starz South 15u

Are you a 2020 Graduate interested in playing for the Starz South 15u?  Read the details of our complete player development program below and decide if you have the drive, desire, love of the game, and are ready to start putting in the work it takes to maximize your potential. If you are, CLICK HERE to submit your registration information and Coach Barry Pyle will contact you to schedule an evaluation.

The Starz South program strives to offer our players the best combination of player development, high quality competition, and college guidance and exposure. As a player reaches high school age, he must start to work on developing his skill and athleticism at a higher level as well as getting the right type of college guidance and exposure. We strongly believe as an organization that the right approach is to offer players a complete baseball development opportunity, including a structured off-season program, while putting our players against top competition in front of college coaches that they have a realistic chance of playing for at the next level during the summer. To accomplish this, we offer Starz South players the following:

  • A 10-week structured baseball-specific performance athletic training program in the winter at Mid-Atlantic Sports Academy, including the only baseball-specific VertiMax training in the area. Training will be on Sundays and Wednesdays starting December 4.

  • Players will be trained by Coach Larry Williams, an expert in VertiMax training and a long-time trainer of professional and collegiate players; and Chris Ekwueme, a Certified Performance Coach with USA Weightlifting and a NSCA CSCS certified trainer.

  • Baseball skills practice at Mid-Atlantic Sports Academy beginning January 4 and running thru February. Practices will be on Sundays and Wednesdays prior to performance training.


  • A challenging regional summer tournament and showcase schedule that is based on the realistic collegiate potential of our players.

  • Practice at least once a week during the summer to continue working on player's skills and fundamentals.

  • Realistic guidance on playing collegiate baseball and help with the recruiting process.

  • Compete in 8 strategically selected regional tournaments and showcases throughout the summer designed to challenge the player’s skills against high-level competition while maximizing their exposure in front of college coaches that our players have a realistic chance of playing for at the next level. The tournaments will most likely be split 5-6 drivable and 2-3 requiring hotels. There will be no week long stay. We are conscious of the additional costs and time that a lot of travel puts on families. Any travel will be in the Mid-Atlantic region - DE, NJ, PA, VA. The final tournament schedule will be available when all the major tournament organizations have their schedules out in the beginning of the year.

Starz South teams play fundamentally sound baseball, stressing the importance of: throwing strikes; playing good defense; smart, aggressive base running; playing smart and playing hard. The game of baseball is a process. That process is based on structured repetitions of the fundamental baseball mechanics. Starz South players develop solid fundamentals by performing repetitive drills, including the following:

- Infield: hands and foot work; approaching the baseball, fielding thru the baseball and throwing in one continuous motion: feeds and foot work turning DPs; situational defense and each position's responsibility.

- Outfield: Angles to the ball; getting to the ball in position to make a throw; hitting the cut-off; accurate throws; situational defense and positioning.

- Base running: leads and secondary; reading pitchers; takeoffs for stealing bases; situational base running; reading the ball off the bat.

- Pitching: Getting more out of the lower half; work on balance; Smooth out mechanics; the importance of stride point and front-side extension; throwing strikes; working from ahead; throwing strikes; keeping the ball down; throwing strikes!

- Hitting: Breaking down the segments of your swing to work on specific parts; work to achieve better balance from start all the way to contact; work to maximize force and momentum to the ball; work to better engage the core and lower half to produce more power; bunting; situational hitting; bunting; approach; bunting!

- Attitude, Emotions, Hustle, Being Coachable: This speaks for itself, but is often-times more important than any of the things above and must be worked on constantly.

While Arena Starz South teams maintain a roster of 15-16 players, many “showcase” organizations recruit a roster of 20-25 players. The players on these “showcase” teams play their allotted number of innings. There is little to no real, "structured" off-season training and skill development available. Collecting players, trophies, and money while trying to show well at the “most popular” tournaments seems to have become the ultimate goal of many organizations. We believe, along with many others within the game, that this is the not best or the most realistic approach for the vast majority of our player’s development and future and strive to do what’s best for our players and their families.